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Have my license, but need help getting rolling.



I have a number of Baofeng's and a Yaesu VX-6, but am really confused about how to learn to operate the things. Maybe I'm too "iPhone'd" where things are much more user friendly and lost my curiosity of my childhood in the 80's.

I've looked over YouTube and a number of books, and am patiently waiting on Glen Tate's PAM radio (supposed to be out in Feb) Can anyone recommend an online source for learning, even if it's connecting with someone directly for tutorial? I thought someone on the podcast interviews was teaching people Ham radio use, but can't remember who it was. Samuel Culper maybe, but it doesn't look like it was discussed much on that episode with Jack.

Thanks for the help -


YouTube channel Ham Radio Crash Course has a couple of good videos on how to program and use Baofeng radios.

Check out The Dedicated Baofeng Radio Thread for a lot of info

and "T-rex Arms" has 2 solid videos on the how


Sorry I am late to see this.  With any luck you are up and running by now.

I too am new to the HAM hobby.  For programing Baofeng radios a big +1 for the Ham Radio Crash Course.  Chirp is your friend.  The price of the cable is worth it.  Chirp will hit Repeater book and find some of the data to load and set up local repeaters for you.  I did only use it to add the Weather service stations, but it worked.

Also I would recommend joining the local HAM club (ARRL website has listings, Also search local city and count and HAM of the dreaded Face Book).  I have hooked up with 2 clubs in my county the guys are really helpful.  Everyone wants to be an Elmer.

I have been with the one club since January and have participated in 2 antenna installations at peoples houses, have had people come to my house to assist with my radio operation and took a FREE class that helped both the wife and I jump straight to General.  They are not Preppers as a whole, but we are also just getting to know each other.  They do however freely give of time and more importantly Knowledge.  They gave me a file that I used with chirp to program 90 or so local repeaters. 


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