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effects of the protest/riots/anti police rhetoric

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This article is about how he was making alot of critical posts on social media about law enforcement

and details about the citizens role in his arrest

--- Quote ---Hart credited an anonymous Ben Lomond resident with helping to apprehend Carrillo when he appeared in the man’s backyard carrying a semi-automatic AR-15 assault weapon, demanding car keys. The resident, who Hart said did not want to be named, retrieved his key and handed it to Carrillo, Hart said.

“And as the suspect turned around, the resident tackled him and the AR-15 fell away and the resident took this guy to the ground,” Hart said.

Carrillo then reportedly attempted a series of retaliatory measures including trying to light a pipe bomb and pulling out a pistol, with both efforts circumvented by the resident with assistance from neighbors, Hart said.

“It was a remarkable, remarkable heroic thing that that resident did,” Hart said of the resident.
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---A second deputy injured while responding with Gutzwiller remained in hospital care Monday, but was in “good spirits and stable condition,” according to Hart.

“We have not have confirmed yet through ballistics, but it appears that he had been shot in the chest and his vest was able to stop the bullet,” Hart said of the deputy he declined to identify by name. “But he suffered some significant internal trauma from the bullet. He also suffered shrapnel wounds from a bomb that was set off and he was struck by the suspect’s car as the suspect fled from the scene. So he may have injured his leg, as well.”

--- End quote ---

Information not in any articles yet.   In the twitter photos I posted above, there is white shirt guy with the dog.   So, the larger story is like above, but that after red shirt guy tackles the suspect, and the AR is out of his hands, while the suspect was getting his handgun out of his pocket, and neighbor, white shirt guy, lets the dog off the leash and the dog ran over and added assistance and bit the suspect.


--- Quote from: Carver on June 06, 2020, 09:56:49 PM ---Shoot the cops, defund police force and replace with government gangs. The Venezuela model.

--- End quote ---
Lawyer: George Floyd's family, legal team asks United Nations to intervene in case of Floyd's death

Seems like it's the first step in asking for U.N. forces to occupy some U.S. cities.

And, another anti-police shooting, this time in Paso Robles, which, while certainly larger than Ben Lomand, is a small town/city, and not a high crime area at all.  It is not too far driving distance from places like King City, which have alot of gangs, but Paso is generally isolated from such things, so far as I know.

--- Quote ---–A shooting has occurred at the Paso Robles Police Department in downtown Paso Robles, and a deputy from The San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office has been shot and wounded. The deputy sheriff is being treated and their condition is unknown. Law enforcement is looking for at least one suspect.
The suspect is described as a Hispanic male or light-skinned male, 6 foot tall, stocky build, curly hair, white hoodie, dark pants with a handgun, and possible rifle.

According to officials, the situation began with shots fired at the Paso Robles Police Department building around 3:15 a.m. Wednesday morning. A sheriff deputy was then shot nearby at 10th & Riverside. He was reportedly hit in the chin and has been transported to the hospital.

The sheriff’s office described this is an active situation. No further information is available at this time.
--- End quote ---

So, ANTIFA and other "protesters" for a few days have cordoned off part of Seattle as a police free zone, and say they are in charge etc... these are the people who say we do not need police.

2 points of interest that show to the rest of us that this isnt true:  First, they had invited the cities homeless to join them, so now the organizers are asking for food donations as they say that the homeless stole all the food stores. Second, they now have a rapper leading a enforcement force, and guess what ?  They resort immedietally to using violence to enforce people to do what they say.  Rumor is that he is now shaking down people for money to "use to run the area"

Also, the first thing they did was erect barriers, ie., build a wall, to control people going in and out of their territory....

I dont think they see the hypocrisy yet

Here is a video of them assualting, ie., absolute violence and thuggery, worse enforcement than the PD would use in the same situation,

 Please send soy !

--- Quote ---“We have heard, anecdotally, reports of citizens and businesses being asked to pay a fee to operate within this area. This is the crime of extortion. If anyone has been subjected to this, we need them to call 911,” Assistant Chief Deanna Nollette said at a press conference on Wednesday.
--- End quote ---

Not to glory in other's misery, but you gotta admit, it is entertaining to see their construction of utopia:

--- Quote ---Seattle "Autonomous Zone" Now Has A "Heavily-Armed" Warlord As Crime Spikes 300%
--- End quote ---


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