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Hands on Yaesu FT 450D

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--- Quote from: Carl on October 12, 2018, 06:27:35 PM ---  I have little time with a 1200 and do feel the FT450D with it's digital signal processing in the IF is a somewhat better radio than the 1200....That said ,for the money ....the better radio is an ICOM 7100 for a great all band all mode (with D STAR option) that is a favorite ,with it's great receiver and touch screen controls.

SMURF HUNTER is the proud owner of my FT450 now and loves the small ,portable,size and full featured radio though the IC7100 includes VHF and UHF the the other radios mentioned here do not....

--- End quote ---

With a bit of humor here; you are trying to say - get the  Icom IC-7300, right?

Alan Georges:

--- Quote from: Bradbn4 on October 12, 2018, 05:25:01 PM ---The radio looks good; wondering if the Yaesu FT-DX1200 is a major bump, not that big, or am I looking at apples and oranges.

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I have a friend with one, it's pretty nice.  In a few hours of running it, here're a few things I've noticed.

It's freekin' big, like twice the bulk of a 450, and weights 20+ lbs.  It's too much for a car camping trip, more of a shack queen rig.  Bug-out bag?  Fugettaboutit.  The main RF parts are big, heavy, analog RF circuits.  It's a triple conversion receiver that shrugs off interference.  Lightning crashes and nearby stations aren't a problem.  It won't overload like some of the SDRs will.

Having all the knobs and buttons is nice.  It's a little easier to operate and tune around than the 450, less cramped.  Memory operation is really easy, downright intuitive by Yaesu standards.  (OK, that's a pretty low bar.)

The DSP filters are easy and useful on digital modes.  Narrow, wide, notch, etc., you can slice and shift out the signals you don't want to pass to the computer.  The DNR is effective and has like 10 levels.  I think the DSP & DNR are in the last IF; check me on that Carl.  It's the replacement for the 950, I think that was last of the old AF stuff.

Tons of menus.  Everything is adjustable, maybe too much so.  The scope function is fun, but maybe not that practical without the FFT board.  Kind of nice for shortwave listening though.  The big display is pretty nice, you can keep track of lots more things than on a 450.

My buddy found his lightly used in the mid-$800's, but I've seen them new in the mid-$900's.  In some ways it's a major bump from the 450, at the cost of portability.  At this price it's probably worth the step up if you don't plan on hauling it around much.

Thanks for the info

Small and portable is not a requirement - Shack queen is fine, as long as the queen gets some good work out. 

Part of me is thinking I should just invest in a Software Defined Radio to play with on a Computer.


Most of the current Ham transceivers in manufacture today are CPU driven and I feel are not as 'refined' in the quality of audio as the older radios and actually lack a quality that I have found important ,to me. I currently have an embarrassing number of HF Ham radios even after giving an older Icom IC737 to Jeff,a good friend and my current 'antenna buddy,who builds and helps test the antennas that I dream up.If you are not an active user of radio,perhaps a good USED radio would be a better choice until you come up with the criteria you find important in a radio as they are a costly investment even though the ICOM 7100 is a fine radio at under $825.

I understand your point Carl and agree with them.

You start at a specific price point and see what you can see.  Then you say, self, but for a few dollars more I can get that feature or that.  And the next then you know you are looking at the bejeweled version of some hardware that has too many digits.  However, sometimes you can add 10% more money to hit the price / performance sweet spot.

I don't have the eye or skill to determine if a used item would work, or fix the problems said equipment might have.  My soldering skills are poor at best.

Some of the kits I have referenced are on sale, and are not that much higher in price.   I have seen some of the reviews of the ICOM 7100 and it is a fine radio.

Thanks for the information and all


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