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Often it is easy to look outwards from our lives and see the revolving threats that do or could impact our lives. It is easy to get angry and confused. It is easy to lose faith. It is easy to lose focus. It is easy to focus on one thing, but when you have so many things in our lives to worry about we become confused and distracted. The media is good at distracting and confusing. A good captain of a ship, when faced with the perfect storm, does not let the smaller things impact his decisions. He focuses his resolve. He bolsters his courage. He unites his men and encourages them. He is his ship.

There are many distracting things happening to this nation and this world right now. There are very scary dangers, and there are theoretical dangers. Focus begins with concentrating on the things that are happening rather than what could happen. This is part of the understanding about prepping for those emergencies and personal tragedies that are most likely to occur. Focus on that. Not on each others differences, or the things that serve to confuse and distract. We have a common focus and a common goal. Being prepared does mean thinking ahead for those rare emergencies, but you do not get lost in them. Since preparing for one emergency usually is a means for preparing for them all then there should the focus be.

Politics, religion, conspiracies, scandal...they do not matter. Your family matters. Preparing and becoming free of the systems is the single most effective way to protect your family and yourself. We are here, as a community, to guide each other to prep. To survive that which would others could not. This does not make us better or worse than anyone else. We are modern survivalists. We prepare because at our heart we love. We love our families, and we care for others. We watch out for those who do not have our foresight, and we help nuture in each other the seed that germinated in us to prep in the first place. There are concerns out there, but they are never as important as who and what we are. Doctrine does not matter, affiliation does not matter, race does not matter, preference does not matter. We are modern survivalists and we help each other grow.

Damn fine post!  Thank you for that ColdHaven,

What a thought-provoking and timely reminder of why we are here.  Thank you, and +1 to ColdHaven

Hare of Caerbannog:
I'm humbled.
Too often I find myself distracted by the hoopla.
That was SOME post.
Well said.
Not that those things on the side aren't important, its just a matter of priorities.
If you don't survive, if your family doesn't survive, nothing else matters.
+1 (not that you need my tiny vote)

The Wilderness:

+1 Coldhaven

We all need to remember why we are here.

Thanks for the reminder, with the amount of confrontations on this forum lately, it is very timely and needed.

The Wilderness


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