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Mr. Bill:
Most of you are probably familiar with satirical news sites such as The Onion (, and with the frequent reposting of their articles as if they were truth.  The Onion makes its satire fairly obvious, but there are a large number of websites which intentionally post hoax news stories and try to hide that fact, sometimes by mixing true stories with the fakes.

Here's a list of a few popular sources of totally unreliable news:

* National Report -
* World News Daily Report -
* Huzlers -
* Empire News -
* Stuppid -
* News Examiner -
* Newswatch28 & Newswatch33 - &
* The Stately Harold -
* NewsBuzzDaily -
* Now8News -
* The Reporterz -
* The People's Cube -
* The Christian Times Newspaper -
* fake ABC News -
* fake NBC News -
For more, see this Wikipedia article: List of Satirical News Websites

In addition to the outright hoax sites, there are a huge number of sites that post poorly-substantiated and extremely biased "news" articles, apparently to draw readership.  I'm leery of posting a list, since one person's junk site is another person's hidden truths... but in my personal opinion, the following are extremely unreliable:

* Natural News -
* EU Times -
* Any article showing "Sorcha Faal" as author
* Superstation95 - (an outlet for white-nationalist and ex-felon Hal Turner)
I've also seen "news" that originates entirely in someone's imagination and ends up being presented as hard news on a mainstream site.  I wrote up details of one such incident on my blog last year:

Germanwings copilot is Muslim? How a rumor spreads

This tale started on a personal website, "St Thomas Aquinas Versus NASA", that claims God has prohibited mankind from going higher than 29,050 ft above sea level.  Within a couple of days, Gateway Pundit was announcing "GERMAN CO-PILOT WAS MUSLIM CONVERT – STAYED AT Bremen Mosque", having completely lost track of the actual origin of the rumor (as well as introducing translation errors).

I was sure I was told that if it's on the internet it had to be true.  :spit:  :sarcasm:

I'm glad to see didn't make the list.  ;)

Mr. Bill:

--- Quote from: FreeLancer on May 10, 2016, 09:18:37 PM ---I'm glad to see didn't make the list.  ;)

--- End quote ---

I could start a very long list with that one. 8)

The problem is, almost every news source is, at some level, unreliable.  There may be editorial bias, or advertiser pressure, or dependence on gov't/corporate press releases, or just an intention of getting readers outraged so they'll keep coming back.

There are no sharp lines dividing hoax sites that know they're posting falsehoods, and clickbait sites that don't care whether they're posting falsehoods, and outrage sites that intentionally post only part of the story, and mainstream sites that emulate fairness by turning everything into a two-sided controversy.

Anyway, I mostly wanted to post a list of hoax sites, so folks are less likely to get suckered.

In my sarcastic brain I forgot to tell you thanks Mr Bill.  +1 for a great post.


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