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first Wind project-need advice


OK.  I am a decent fabricator, I have some experience with residential wiring, and I understand the basics of electrics (that you have to convert dc to ac etc.)

I got a very interesting Christmas gift from my parents.  They know I am interested in the whole alternative energy/self-sufficiency thing, and I want to buy a little ranch somewhere to build my haven on, so when they saw this at a yard sale, they picked it up for me.  It looks brand new, and comes with exactly what the picture shows, there are no other parts, I will need to fabricate them.  I love a project, and I am really excited to get this one rolling (or maybe, spinning?) but this is a beauty of a piece, so I want to maximize it.  I was thinking a simple DC battery system and some lights or something would be pretty easy, but I would really love to get this thing backfeeding my grid power so that I could save some money on my power bill, and it would be a nice supplement when I get around to adding a few solar panels.


--- Quote from: 16onRockandRoll on December 27, 2011, 08:29:47 PM ---.... I was thinking a simple DC battery system and some lights or something would be pretty easy, but I would really love to get this thing backfeeding my grid power so that I could save some money on my power bill....

--- End quote ---

Very nice yard sale find. I think you have an Air X wind turbine, missing the aluminum hub and carbon fiber blades.

That one should be about 46"-60" in diameter, depending on the model, with a max output of about 400-500 Watts.

Take a peek at
and Google on from there.

I recommend you get the exploded parts diagram from the manufacturer and consider buying the missing parts. It would probably be a real pain to try to fake them up and would cost far more than just buying the parts.

(Check eBay: I think a set of blades runs around $50.00.)

Chances are it's missing the blades because a falling tree branch went through them, or the tower it was on fell over.

This is a small turbine. It would cost you at least $6,000.00, and maybe as much as $10,000.00 to hook it up to the grid. That would be a complete waste of time and effort for a machine that will, on the average, probably put out 100 Watts.

You could save more money just by turning off an unneeded light or two.

This turbine, if it can be put back in service, would be great for a hunting cabin or sailboat. It can trickle-charge a battery bank, run a small radio, and give you enough light to read a book by. That's about it.

But it's a GREAT place to start if you are interested in wind energy, etc. So play with it, but don't expect commercial power production.

It's just a puppy.

your location is a big factor as far as wind available. i have a complete wind turbine setup that doesnt have $5,000 in it and it was all bought brand new from the turbine kit to the charge controller and batteries and grid tie inverter. i am in SC which isnt great for wind speed but we do get storms like anyone else and they come with tons of wind, we also get random days with great wind, but with the turbine i got i can make power at low wind speeds and its plenty to keep my battery bank powered up, im not tunning my entire house of it or nothing like that but it at least provides a back up if i have a power outtage. i will eventually get some solar panels for the no wind days.

if u are in a low wind area, i would seriously suggest getting a kit meant for low wind startup, and do not buy into the instant amperage rating most delaers will push, go with a real world data, in other words what the turbine actually makes not what itll make in theory.

if u are in a very windy area, then figure out what all u gotta invest in to get this one up and running, it may be worth it to get her up in the air and it would make a great turbine to run smaller things or just use as ur first to get a handle how it all works then just get another more powerful turbine and tie both to your battery bank.

there's no point in having 1 huge turbine for that once a month u get crazy high winds, its better to have a bunch of small ones pumping out power more consistantly.

good luck with it, and if u have any questions feel free to ask man.

A Very satisfied TLG wind power customer!!

Hello. I have a windturbine just like that one.  Did you put it on a pipe tower?  How is that working out for you?  I just started  building my tower. I'll put it up 30 ft. How did you exit the wiring from the pole?   Next year mybe wood gasification. Have a great day.


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