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Hugelkultur Bed Picture Thread

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I don't know if this thread will take off, but here is our Hugelkultur Bed that our young sons and I started on today. We used wood I cut and piled over 7 years ago, before we had kids. We decided not to burn wood in the house while our boys were really little so it set. Well this wood is rotten and using it for a Hugelkultur bed was a no brainer. I used my tiller to loosen up the dirt in a 4' strip, then a shovel, rake, and hoe to remove the dirt. Then we stacked the wood and covered it with the dirt. I will need more dirt I think, but that won't be a problem.  I'm going to stack rip rap rock along the edge like Jack talked about in Episode-693- Creative Gardening here

This bed is up hill from two small gardens and 50 fruit trees and will also act as a Permaculture Swale when I get it completed. Fortunate or unfortunate I have more rotten wood. :-\



Very nice...keep us posted on how it works out. 


Got most of the wood covered. I'm going to extend the bed at both ends later on. I seeded buckwheat as a cover crop for a  fall planting of vegtables. Just need a little rain now.

Does anybody else have a Hugelkultur bed to show?

Way to go... the pic's are great. Keep us up to date.



Today i started stacked rock along the edge like Jack talked about in eposode 693.  I'm going to use limestone rip rap rock, because it's pretty much the cheapest way to go for me. Not much rock here where I'm at. I like this idea, becuase the rock will help retain and draw moister, help hold heat, and give it a permentate 'frame' that will out last me.
We did get some rain, so when the buckwheat starts growing I'll post another picture.

Hope to see other Hugelkultur Bed soon.


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