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Jason Akers in his interview with Jack mentioned a tree program sponsored by his state. This prompted me to see if there was one in my state (Virginia) and there is. They offer seedlings for several trees and shrubs including Chinese Chestnut, Apple and Hazelnut. Prices start at 10 plants for $20 and get cheaper with higher quantities.

Virginia Department of Forestry State Nurseries:
Order Page:

I thought it might be useful to list programs that are available in each state.


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Thansk for the info, it looks like this is New Yorks state progam web site:

I don't know why animals is in the link, go figure?

Here's the page for Maryland's seedling sales.

As of 3/15/2011, most varieties are sold out for the season.


One for Texas

I'm making this a sticky.

Please keep it to links to the state programs.

Please don't fill it with discussion, this could end up as an awesome resource.


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