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Windbelt an alternative to a windmill

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On a larger setup, I guess multiple coils & magnets would be on the belts.  The belt with magnets could be strung from the top of a tree and anchored to a spring on the ground, so it can "stretch" without snapping as the treetop sways.  Coil's could be set on a seperate belt that parallels the first, with the spring at the opposite end, so the stretching of the second belt doesn't pull the coils in the same direction as the magnets.

Wouldn't adding a few blades to the belts cause more movement of the magnets and coils, leading to more production in the coils?  I'm not talking about blades that spin smoothly.  I'm talking about uneven blades made specifically to cause turbulence on the belt, shaking the heck out of the magnets and coils.  Seems like the more turbulence, the more movement of the magnets and coils, the more electricity from the coils---in theory.

How much movement from how much wind seems to depend on what type of tree and how tall it is.  Different types of trees sway differently in the wind.

Anyway, that's how I'd try to set up wind belts if I were attempting to power my home.  If I had no trees, I guess I'd try a pole with a spring section near the top, to facilitate the sway.


This wind belt is pretty cool.  Multiple belts, it looks like, all set within a wood frame.

What I like about the wind belt is it can produce power in low wind conditions, even at ground level, fairly inexpensively, and can be made at home.

Best part is there are lots of configurations that haven't been tried yet.  For instance, hook the wind belt between a buoy and a fixed point in the ocean and it becomes a hydro belt, using waves instead of direct wind for power generation.  Just a thought.

Another cheap option might be to hook a wind belt to the line of a solar balloon on a sunny day.

What is a solar balloon?  It's a balloon that rises when the sun heats the air inside it.  There are solar balloons big enough for human flight, so they could be sized for energy production.

Send the solar balloon up high enough to catch stronger winds.  It should pull the magnets on the attached wind belt pretty well, especially if the wind belt is anchored to a spring on the ground.  In my head, I see the wind belts in a frame at ground level, attached to the line of a solar balloon, with the solar balloon as high as is legal to fly it.  Wind whips the balloon up there, which stretches the spring at ground level, pulling wind belt as well by fixed coils.  The moment the wind slacks, the spring yanks it back down.

Solar & wind powered wind belt.

Wouldn't an ideal place to set up a wind belt be at the peak of a roof?  Seems like the wind rushes along the roof and "shoots" off the peak.  I'm living in a double wide with an addition, so I've got a pretty long peak.  If I set up wind belts all along the peak, I wonder if it would produce a usable amount of power.  (I've got a pretty steady breeze at my place, enough to affect a wind belt.)

I just wonder if I could produce enough power to reliably charge a few batteries.


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