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Title: camping program for at risk youths.
Post by: kenser321 on February 20, 2011, 04:01:59 AM
I am a security officer at a college and I have a story. This young man was smoking pot on his dorm room and we went in with his permission and found several things. Being part of this survival movement they didn't necessarily trouble me I knew what he was doing. Let me give you a breakdown of what was found throwing stats, mma gloves, several knives, sharpening block, 2 broom handles with no heads, drug paraphernalia, marijuana, several new alchemy books, several random computer parts, etc. Anyhow, the school thinks this kid is a bit of a threat and my only concern was the computer parts. I didn't tell him about me because who wants to out themselves?  What I would like to do is take these at risk kids and take them hiking. I am just concerned about the liberal crap that goes on here that it might be a conflict of interest. Anyone have any ideas on what I can do maybe an alternative? I was thinking about taking a emergency survival course and making it into a workshop. Anything you can think of is appreciated.
Title: Re: camping program for at risk youths.
Post by: rustyknife on February 20, 2011, 04:56:19 AM
Sounds like a good idea but I have a few questions. How do these kids feel about you in general. Do they trust you? Have you built a strong enough relationship that you can guide them without your uniform on?  If you decide to go forward with this remember the SOP is CYA. If possible, volunteer for some program that's already is use and see how they work it. If you start on your own maybe start with some day hikes, keep it fun but moving along. Start with small numbers, maybe three. How old are these kids? If you try an overnight deal be sure to have another adult along that will follow your lead. Good luck with your project.
Title: Re: camping program for at risk youths.
Post by: kenser321 on February 21, 2011, 07:25:43 AM
Like any other campus security I am the bad guy. I am the one that issues the fines and takes their booze and drugs away. Our Residence staff is non supportive of our department and is considered the nice guy since the kids get away with everything but murder with them. However, if I can convince their boss who is in charge of about 70% of the departments on campus I may be able to get some backing for some sort of program. He may even jack my idea and do it himself. And these kids are anywhere from 17-23 typical college age. I was also thinking about just doing an emergency dorm prep workshop. I could buy totes, candles, blankets, food, water, etc. something that could last them three days without power. Maybe get the cost down to $25 and make sure it all goes to gear and give it all back to them to put under their beds.
Title: Re: camping program for at risk youths.
Post by: WV_Hampshire on March 20, 2011, 02:50:42 PM
I have experience with working with teenagers, and the first thought that went through my mind is their ages.  17-23 they are already set in their ways and it's virtually impossible to change them unless they first want to be changed.  With younger kids 11-16, they are easier to change because they are still forming their identity and laying the framework for who they will become later in life.  Once they graduate from HS, its really tough.  So ask yourself, does this guy want to be changed??

Maybe find  or start a program in your area working with teenagers, so you won't have a conflict with working with people at your college and will have a greater chance of helping them out in life.

If you really want to help out the ones in your college, maybe you could start something off-site and not related to the official college but you can advertise at the college to attract them.  This way you are getting people to come to you who are interested in what you ahve to offer but may not necessarily be troubled.