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Preparedness as a Retirement Plan

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We've always had it in the back of our minds that when we got old we did not want a house payment.  In the last couple of years, that has been reinforced by a few things.  1st at 37, my DH had a heart attack.  He survived and is doing well but lives on medication that isn't good for your body.  2nd, my mom retired at 56 years old.  She worked hard to have a good retirement sum come to her.  But, she spends more than she needs to and then the stock market tanked and she lost a lot of her money.   She's not prepared to make it long-term.  She's still got a mortgage and had car payments until recently.  3rd, I'm learning how dependent we are on our government and I don't like it.

So, as a plan for the future, including retirement, we want to be more self-sufficient.  We are working towards that as quickly as we can.  Once you make that decision, nothing seems fast enough.

I too have found that I used similar methods to retire at 40; I have my property and investments. I bought all my tools and toys prior to making this type of move. I got debt free early and have made it a point to stay that way, single has not hurt either. I bought stake in several small up and coming business with different platforms to have a source of income. I act as silent partner and go to problem guy without taking a regular paycheck or having to work regular hours. I picked my retirement property based on price but also with cost of living factored in. I can with no other income live on my savings for years based on my plan and area of living.

The strange thing is I never knew I was part of this community. Surviving 20 years as Police officer 5 hurricanes and several tornados made me think preparedness, now I am glad to have the community support and new ideas. 

Hare of Caerbannog:
Just listened to your first two podcasts! I'll pick up your third one in just a bit.
Great stuff.
You have a warm friendly voice and your slight accent make it fun to listen to.
Anyone who's spent any time around Canadians or folks from the upper midwest of the US will enjoy each time that little Canadian twang kicks in.
Your intro podcast was wonderful.
Your second podcast was very enjoyable and I really liked the detail you go into.
With the winters we have here in Ohio, I have some things a lot more in common with you than I do with Jack, considering what they call "winter" in Texas.  ;)
Keep up the good work.
I look forward to episode 3.


--- Quote from: CdnGuy on September 14, 2009, 10:48:12 PM ---
The problem with a lot of people today is that they expect the world to engage them - to come to them.

--- End quote ---

I agree.  Most people never stop to consider they have a choice so they let the machine run them vs the other way around.  They expect the world to make them happy and therefore usually find happiness only by accident (if they are lucky). 
I could retire now if I chose to, as defined above and in Jack’s great podcast on this.  I haven’t chosen to.
 The reality is that once I figured out that I could do it, that I had the freedom to make a change any time I wanted to, “work” became “play”. Doing something by choice is much less stressful than being forced to do the exact same thing; when you are no longer a slave to the machine then life is a game. 
Bottom line: Living a life with a preparedness mindset gives you something most people never get to experience- freedom.  Freedom isn’t necessarily being disengaged from the system; I believe the ability to disengage at a time of your own choosing effectively grants you freedom as well. 

+1 to CdnGuy, for sharing your "moment of clarity". 

Hare of Caerbannog:

--- Quote from: cohutt on September 18, 2009, 12:12:01 PM ---...  Freedom isn’t necessarily being disengaged from the system; I believe the ability to disengage at a time of your own choosing effectively grants you freedom as well. 

--- End quote ---
That's worth a repeat.
Well said.
+1 (and this time its not for all that hard work on your garden thread)


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