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Hare of Caerbannog:
Welcome to all visitors! This page is a way for you to kick our tires, lift our hood, and see what we are, who we are, and why we are The Survival Podcast Forum community.
On this page you'll find links and comments that will help you understand not only our forum but what makes us tick as a community and what sets us apart from other forum communities.

In all likelihood, you found this forum by way of Jack Spirko's "The Survival Podcast".
Jack does a daily podcast focused around the motto, "Helping You Live The Life You Want, If Times Get Tough, Or Even If They Don't"

Jack's very first podcast was a little over 12 minutes and its a great introduction. A lot has changed since then. New recording equipment, new web sites and more, but the core of what Jack was saying back then rings as true today as it did when he said it.
Introduction to The Survival Podcast

For a more thorough explanation about what motivates us and why this on line community exists, have a listen to Jack's podcast titled 10 Unspoken Principles Driving Modern Survivalism

Media and Press Info

You'll find pretty much everyone on this forum has learned something from Jack and his podcasts and a lot of us have learned life changing lessons from him.
But what you may not expect is that this forum is a rich supply of knowledgeable people from every walk of life with vastly different skills and experiences all working together to make life better for all of us.
And another thing that you may notice as you browse the pages of our forum, is the level of respect and civility we have for each other.
Because we're such a diverse community and because the purpose of our community is to improve and enrich the depth of our lives, we do not tolerate personal attacks and verbal abuse against each other on this forum.
Please read our Terms Of Use And Policies for more information before becoming a member.

Often times in life such topics as religion and politics tend to drive wedges between people. This is an unfortunate fact of life considering that the purpose of religion and politics should be to bring people together for a common goal.
We at The Survival Podcast Forum recognize that discussions on these topics will come up and we don't try to stop them as long as all parties remain respectful. For a better explanation you can read The Primary Role of The Survival Podcast Forums.

If you have any questions,  feel free to contact our Moderators or Administrators.  


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