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The George Floyd riots in Mpls

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A prelude to a long hot summer in nice Minnesota

Polar Bear:
When the people of a city see those that are supposed to protect them and obey the laws they have sworn to defend corrupt and abuse them instead, people will voice their anger in what way they can.

Polar Bear:
Evidently the police didn't learn.

Hurts to see this happening, the murder and riots taking place a few blocks from where I grew up and on the corner where we hung out.

My view: Someone commented that George shouldn't have resisted arrest, true, but I wonder if that would've made any difference.
Police departments need to clean out officers with records of brutality and unprofessional conduct.
Protestors need to learn how to publicize their reaction without rioting.

 :sarcasm:  Stealing 70 inch flatscreen TVs and burning down places of business is all about securing justice for George Floyd.  ::)


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