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SHOT 2020: Umarex's AirJavelin

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$169?? Takes down a  wild pig? Very interesting.

I'd have to see more test results and/or data about it to consider one.
The possible issues I see stem from the fact it used the small CO2 cartridges for a propellant.
Not a complete deal breaker, but CO2 pressure can fluctuate a lot dependent on temperature. For instance, at 75 deg. F, CO2 pressure will be in the 900 psig range, but at 32 deg. F, it's closer to 480 psig.
Depending on how the firing pressure is controlled/regulated, this can have a huge effect on arrow velocity and gas usage. If it uses a pressure regulator, the firing pressure (and thus velocity) will be fairly consistent, but CO2 usage will be a lot more at lower temperatures. Even with a designed, regulated pressure, if it's higher than the saturation pressure for a given temperature, it will never achieve that pressure and, thus, not attain the design velocity.

If you wish to understand this more, just Google CO2 saturation pressure/temperature or CO2 temperature pressure graph/chart.

I believe it is more accurate to say this shoots darts and not arrows.

Maybe so, but their site even calls them Arrows.

Regardless, I'm not finding enough info on it to verify how it regulates the CO2.
I'm not saying it isn't a good option, but my point of how ambient temperature effects CO2 pressure is valid and could and thus accuracy and power.
Not a big deal over short ranges, but could have major impact in longer distances depending on use.

Yep, this video clearly shows that they are arrows.
333' FPS to 320' after 3 shots. And they do mention air temperature as a factor.


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