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Surfing for seniors



Surfing is the most fun type of exercise I believe, it beats jogging or the gym by a longshot

I am sure we have all heard the phrase: “you cannot teach an old dog new tricks.” In fact, many people apply this unfortunate sentiment to themselves as well, claiming age as a reason not to engage in certain activities, for example, surfing. Which brings us to an important question: is surfing for seniors?

We say yes! As humans age, it becomes more important to keep up with activities of all kinds to maintain physical and mental health. Seniors should absolutely be pursuing things like surfing (with the right instruction) as well as any other interests they might have. Nourishing an attitude where anything is possible is of the utmost importance when preserving one’s mind.

There are many health benefits to be gained from surfing (and not only for seniors):

On average you will burn around 400 calories an hour.
Surfing uses all the limbs of the body for a thorough workout.
Exercise promotes physical and mental health and wellbeing.
NIH Senior Health states: “Studies have shown that exercise provides many health benefits and that older adults can gain a lot by staying physically active”. The article goes on to talk about different diseases that are benefited by exercise including arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, blood pressure, balance problems and difficulty walking. It also helps build the strength needed for good balance, which reduces the risk of falling. Taking up surfing could be your answer to diminishing pain and discomfort.

Everyone gets something different from surfing. There are many accounts from individuals claiming they become “one” with the ocean when they are surfing. Many more profess surfing as the basis of their spirituality, religion, or lifestyle. So what should you look for in your surfing experience? Have fun, take care of yourself, find space, be peaceful, the list goes on.

According to Huffington Post: “(Christian) Mondor, Franciscan friar and Catholic priest, bought himself a surfboard for his 70th birthday, having never surfed before”. Now in his late 80s, Mondor is lovingly referred to by his community as “The Surfing Priest.”

David in MN:
And it's misunderstood. You don't need to ride big waves at Kona. I've seen guys surf Lake Michigan when I was a lifeguard. And using a rescue surfboard was part of my Red Cross training. Just paddling around in rough water is a brutal yet joint-pain-free workout and the stabilizing muscles make it even harder.

My wife's cousin works in the film industry in LA and he does the whole wake at 4 to go catch a couple waves before getting a donut and coffee on the way to work and I gotta admit it's a fun life.

I totally agree. If I was near a wave, I'd be hooked. I think many seniors are too weak to balance and stabilize themselves on a board, but you don't get stronger or more capable at that by not doing anything. The combo of some surfing, and like 2 days a week of strength training to get skeletal loading for bone density, would be a great recipe for people trying to "not go quietly into the night".


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