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I like: Heirloom Acres Seeds

The tomatoes that I started from seed here are really incredible.

***Linked it for ya***

I'm a bit late to this discussion, but I had to add Fedco to the list.

Fedco Seeds ...

They have four separate divisions -- vegetable seeds, potatoes, trees/shrubs, and bulbs.  They have a strong inclination towards open-pollinated and heirloom varieties, fantastic selection, old-time down-homey catalog info, all that good stuff ... and hands-down, the best prices I've seen, overall.

They are my second favorite seed source, after Seed Savers Exchange.

As long as I'm here, let me also mention--

St. Lawrence Nurseries (

They have all kinds of fruit trees and shrubs, specializing in cold-climate, short-season areas (Zone 4 and below).  Family business, old-fashioned (pencil-and-paper orders only), very good prices, and take their cold-weather crops very seriously.

Finally, a follow-up comment on the Seed Savers Exchange.  Many people do not realize that SSE is actually a giant membership cooperative.  It is literally a Seed Savers EXCHANGE; with something like 1,000 listed seed-saving members, scattered across the continent, and probably the whole planet.  The seed catalog you get from SSE is just a tiny, tiny subset of the available varieties, and furthermore, it is only a small subset of the varieties actually stored on-site at the SSE home office.  In addition to SSE-central, many of the listed members offer hundreds of varieties themselves, directly available from the members.  Once you join SSE (for $35/year), you get their full catalog, which lists a ridiculous amount of varieties (I'm guessing 20,000+), of vegetable seeds, bulbs, grains, perennial roots, softwood and hardwood cuttings, and every other plant propagation option and variety known to man.

One place I use for berries, etc is Tradewinds Fruit. Many, many new to me varieties of fruits & veggies to try.

so i really feel stupid can someone please tell me what heirloom seeds are?in short   thank you ~johnny~

From Seed Savers Exchange:

--- Quote ---What are Heirlooms?

SSE defines an heirloom as any garden plant that has a history of being passed down within a family, just like pieces of heirloom jewelry or furniture. Some companies have tried to create definitions based on date, such as anything older than 50 years.
The genetic diversity of the world's food crops is eroding at an unprecedented and accelerating rate. The vegetables and fruits currently being lost are the result of thousands of years of adaptation and selection in diverse ecological niches around the world. Each variety is genetically unique and has developed resistance's to the diseases and pests with which it evolved. Plant breeders use the old varieties to breed resistance into modern crops that are constantly being attacked by rapidly evolving diseases and pests. Without these infusions of genetic diversity, food production is at risk from epidemics and infestations.

Just how dangerous is genetic erosion? The late Jack Harlan, world renowned plant collector who wrote the classic Crops and Man while Professor of Plant Genetics at University of Illinois at Urbana, has written, These resources stand between us and catastrophic starvation on a scale we cannot imagine. In a very real sense, the future of the human race rides on these materials. The line between abundance and disaster is becoming thinner and thinner, and the public is unaware and unconcerned. Must we wait for disaster to be real before we are heard? Will people listen only after it is too late.
--- End quote ---


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