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Newbie with essential oils questions

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Hi ladies!!

I am very new to the boards and have been reading a lot.  Thought I'd throw this out there in hopes that someone (or many someones, LOL) might be an expert.  :)

I've never really used essential oils, but they seem to be everywhere lately!  I would really like to learn more about them.  Do you have any favorite books or websites that talk about very basic use and getting started with them?  And what are some of your favorite oils, and what do you use them for?

Thanks, look forward to your responses!!

Mr. Bill:

--- Quote from: Sunshine on August 01, 2015, 06:16:39 PM ---Hi ladies!!

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Hmph.  Essential oils are very manly.


Julia Lawless
The Encyclopedia of Essential Oils
Our copy is ©1992, but it looks like there's a 2013 edition available now.

Are you asking in relation to medicinal uses, general aromatherapy, or something else?

I personally use them for aromatherapy (though not extensively) and scenting my homemade soaps. I just finished a batch that I added lavender, tea tree, and eucalyptus oil to. I plan to use it as hand soap and a wash for my handspun/handknit/handwoven projects as all three of those oils have moth repelling properties.

Other than that I just buy good quality oils that I think smell nice. Good oils are more expensive, but will serve you better in the long run.


--- Quote from: Mr. Bill on August 01, 2015, 08:55:14 PM ---Hmph.  Essential oils are very manly.


Julia Lawless
The Encyclopedia of Essential Oils
Our copy is ©1992, but it looks like there's a 2013 edition available now.

--- End quote ---

LOL... no offense intended to our male essential oil experts!  ;)  I was wondering where to drop this topic and it seemed a good place to start.  :)

AvenueQ, I'm not entirely sure of the range of my interest yet.  :)  I was originally intending to ask about more medicinal purposes, but I like the idea of using them to scent soaps or candles, as well as for cleaning, as I've heard some ideas about that.

What do you want to know?

Aromatherapy info is everywhere, but the main thing is go with what you like.

Soaps are similar, but there are some rules like not adding them until the very end (like vanilla in recipes) because they will boil off and not be left in the soap.  Or that most citrus are too volatile to last in soap, so use citrus-like oils such as lemongrass or bergamot instead. 

Medicinal info is harder to find reliably.  We have a couple decent paper books and are learning from here and there.  We have an insanely extensive oil collection at this point, but if we started over I would focus on a few more multi use oils and blends:
An external wound blend, usually called first aid something
An immune booster
An antibiotic blend like four thieves or oils of the bible plus oregano oil
A headache/nausea blend

Then I would work on specific oils for your needs as you research them. There are a few that are crazy expensive, but worth it if you need them.  Helichrysum italicum is a hundred something per bottle (works out to 25-50 cents per drop depending on which size bottle you get) but will heal a wound when nothing else will.  It is like having acres of fresh comfrey stored in this little bottle.


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