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Are airguns any good for self defense? real or psychological?

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I am just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on airguns, specifically replicas being used as self defense.

I suspect that a lot of the power and control that can be derived from a gun comes before a round is left off.  Is it foolish to try to bluff with an airgun?

Obviously the real thing is better, but if the real thing couldn't be easily obtained, or wasn't wanted for whatever reason, could someone be secure with an airgun?

No no and no

Good way to get shot. You don't bluff when it comes to self defense. If it is serious enough to need a gun to protect yourself then having something like that is just foolish.

I'm sorry but I think I have to agree with cmxterra. If lethality is the concern then there are a lot of options for non-lethal ammunition, but I don't feel that if it is up to a self defense scenarion that using an air gun is at all a worthwhile thought. I think pepper spray would be a better deterrant than an air gun. As a kid we used to shoot each other with air guns while playing army, and I can tell you that or a paint ball gun wouldn't deter me as a kid, so if you do get to the point of needing to shoot you are hosed. I got sprayed by accident once with pepper spray, and even in the scalp nowhere near my eyes I will tell you I ran away.

The most powerful commonly available airguns are of the .25 cal. spring air or pre-charged pneumatic types. These have about the same effectiveness as a .22 short - not something you would want to stake your life on. .25 cal. guns are for serious airgun afficinados and priced accordingly - from $300 up. Mostly up.

The really high-powered large caliber airguns - .30 cal. and up to .44 or .50 are quite capable of being used, but are mostly single shot. They have been used to hunt such game as wild boar, so there is enough power, but expect to pay big $$$ for these very intricate custom made rifles.

If there is some reason that you cannot have a firearm - local gun control laws, for example - tread carefully, as those locales that ban firearms often ban high powered air guns.

All in all, I have to agree with cmxterra and cdhm22 - if you feel the need to threaten deadly force, you need deadly force. Threats don't always work and could exacerbate  the situation - not something you want to do. A surprise blast of OC spray to the face, followed up with a baseball bat (or war hammer(:D)) if necessary would be far more effective for self defense than any common airgun. Psychologically, OC might be more effective than a gun, as the perp would realize that he is more likely to get hosed down with "ouch juice" than shot.

"Is it foolish to try to bluff with an airgun?" It is very foolish to try to bluff with ANY gun, both from the tactical and legal standpoint.


If you don't mind spending over $2k (gun, scuba tank, optic), you could use the Benjamin Rogue .357. 

Personally, I'd rather spend a lot less for a shotgun.....

......but I like the warhammer idea, too.


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