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I placed an order recently with Sawtooth.  The transaction couldn't have went more smoothly.  I ordered an SOE Gear Micro Rig from their website.  I immediately got an email confirming the order.  The item was shipped promptly and I received another email with the tracking number.  When the package arrived, I found that that they had thrown in a hand-crank flashlight, a couple of can openers and a pocket edition of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution. On top of all of that, the shipping was free and they offer 5% off to MSB members.  I had shopped around for the item and their price was right in line with everyone else.  Sawtooth is definitely the way to go.  Thanks again for supporting TSP!

Thanks for the feedback. :)

Bump: I also received great service and fast shipping. Plus they threw in a pocket US Constitution and Declaration of Independence, two GI can openers, and a waterproof match container!

A+ thanks!

Heavy G:
That was my experience, too. 

Love doing business with a real guy who's down with the prepping program.


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