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Race issues: This is NOT a "whites only" forum!

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Mr. Bill:
It bothers me a lot to have to post this.  But we occasionally have new members wandering in here, from Stormfront or wherever, who assume that since we are survivalists we must be white separatists.

If that describes you, you're seriously in the wrong place.  The members of The Survival Podcast Forum are of every race and mixture of races.  Prepping is for everybody.

I get a laugh out of white separatists who think of themselves as "leaders".  No, folks, you are followers.  You're following the oldest lie in human society: that we must fight people who are not our close relatives.  That's not a recipe for survival, it's the seed of eternal conflict, death and suffering.  Wake up!

Just in case it's not completely clear: racists of any race are unwelcome on TSP Forum.

Hear hear and Woot, Sir!

I suppose that there really are people like that... Was there a specific incident that triggered this post?

Well said Mr. Bill

Thox Spuddy:


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