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Appleseed Project is FREE for women


Just wanted to remind the ladies of this forum that they can take advantage of the Appleseed Project for FREE (normally it's $70 for both days).

I've never done the training before, but I'm signed up for the April 18-19 event in Athens, Ohio and CAN'T WAIT. I think this is a great opportunity they're giving to us, we should take advantage of it.

I did not know that! What a great promotion. Thank you for sharing!

If you have the opportunity to attend an Appleseed shoot, do not turn it down! It is a great experience.

Thanks for the information.  I just signed up here in Texas.

Just an update: The courses at Project Appleseed are no longer free for women, but still amazingly inexpensive. I'm planning to take a one-day course next month. If you have a chance, you should give it a shot. At $45 for a one-day event, or $65 for a two-day event, you really cannot beat the price.


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