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Here's my latest bus.  This will be my 3rd and largest.  I'll include much of the same systems as the one I just sold.  It will have 12v on-board power throughout utilizing a bank of 6 deep cycle batteries and 4 100w panels.  Heat is from a propane furnace and a slick little woodstove.  I have a buddy who makes these stoves for marine use and/or ice fishing.  They work perfect.  Fridge is 12v and propane.  I will have onboard 50 gal. h2o storage for drinking water.  Wastetank holds grey water.  I have a water pump that is mounted on the engine and uses drive belt to pump new water to tank for filtration.  I do not have a full lavatory since I spend all my time in the woods.  I will have an on demand propane water heater with small shower, water will be stored in grey water tank.  This has worked well in the past.  I will use this for hunting/fishing trips to BOL.  This bus will be a 3 year project to complete, but I plan to use it this coming spring for April fishing trip.  2 weeks in the woods.  It's a 3 year project to complete.  I have a trailer that will hold my second vehicle, pulls with no problem. 

I love these for BOV because of the amount of gear I can carry.  They are rugged as hell and basically bullet proof if you buy the right vehicle.  Much more durable and better made than RV's.  Lots of work.  I'd love to hear from anyone else with experience or ideas. 

Exterior when I bought it.  Obviously a paint job is required to blend into my Maine woods home and BOL's.

Interior after is was gutted this fall.

Floor and wall insulation and sub surface almost installed.  Last Month or so.

Begun with back bunk and side bunks/storage.  One of the mid furnaces is in view.  Not enough to heat, but works well in spring-fall. 

Looking Forward.

I have gotten more done in the past couple weeks.  Batteries and most wiring is in.  Wood stove is in, so I can work on interior during the cold Maine winter.  The galley and counter areas are now in.  I'll try and take some more recent pics if there is any interest.

definitely keep pics coming - interesting project


--- Quote from: statesofmind on December 13, 2010, 04:13:44 PM --- I'll try and take some more recent pics if there is any interest.

--- End quote ---
I'm interested as well. This looks fantastic. :popcorn:

Cool!  What are the overhead things in the second picture left and right?  Air conditioners?

Great job so far. Keep the pics coming.



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