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Found a nice article about cheap non-perishables

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Great article!  At the bottom there is a list of discount bulk grocers from around the country.

Unfortunately the closest one to me is 2 hours away!  :(

+1, paintballborg! I found a local store and was able to call and get the hours of operation for a local store near me. I started a thread in my region (TX) and will follow up after I get to visit.

Great way to add to the preps and save a dollar or two.

P.S. Stop by the intro thread when you get the chance!

I'm a bit leery of grocery outlet being in the list. It's okay, but highly random and not always quite the level of lots you can find in the really big warehouse ones.

Still, for those who aren't seeing anything on the list nearby, grocery outlet is a widespread outfit- we have one just 14 miles away from where we are now (that will go up to 45 miles when we move this summer) and our "local" one isn't on the list.

After having visited the local store here, I think you do have to be quite wary when shopping there. Many of the foods were being sold long after their expiration date. There are some good bargains... just be careful.


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