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Sister Wolf:
We received our ant hats (I literally just got home from picking them up).  They are soooooo beautiful.  Pics are coming shortly, and all of you patient people who have been waiting for your previously ordered hats - they will be shipped tomorrow (I have dozens of these orders to fill, so they will all be packed tonight, and shipped out tomorrow).


Love the hat and will be ordering one.  I realize everybody has design ideas (most of which stink) but how about a t-shirt with just the ant on the front and a small TSP logo on the sleeve?

Sister Wolf:
Actually, most ideas are great ones.  They just can't all be put into production immediately.  I'm considering a couple of different t-shirts for the future, and I'll keep yours in mind (most definitely).  Had you noticed that the TSP t-shirt has an ant on the sleeve?


--- Quote ---Had you noticed that the TSP t-shirt has an ant on the sleeve?
--- End quote ---

I did.  Personally, l like more ant and less logo.

Sister Wolf:
IIIIII see.  Okay, well then we'll make sure and make a shirt this coming year that is "more ant, less logo".  ;)


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