Author Topic: Made a Como shirt this weekend  (Read 2117 times)

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Made a Como shirt this weekend
« on: July 30, 2018, 11:13:59 AM »
I debated here or in DIY, sorry to those that think I got it wrong.

I saw something recently on making paint masks using school glue. They were using it to make a spider web like mask to be transferred to something being painted as a solid.  That triggered a thought.  Can school glue, which will wash out, be used as a mask to camouflage a shirt.  The short answer is Yes.  I put a long writ up on the in process pictures.  a condensed version is:
Pick a shirt
Apply glue in the "pattern" you want to appear as the base color. 
spray paint the next color
When done rinse the shirt in lots of water, I changed it 3 times.
Then wash normally, to get the last of the glue out.

Some of the glue I left as it came out of the bottle some I smeared with a finger.  There are places where the glue was not heavy enough but that "fades" the lines between one color to another.

As a process it worked.
As a cost savings not so much, but I have a Camo that is the only one like it.  It is all mine.
I need some work on execution there is a lot of areas where it is more modeled than desired.

Follow the link for the further definitions and to see the pictures.  The long description is on any picture with the white streaks.

Let me know what you think of the process.  I would rather not debate the "pattern" as I feel it is too brown the black is too narrow possibly too sharp.  It is a proof of concept.  It is not a overall dark as Vietnam tiger was, but I an not sure if there is enough variation.  might work in the mountains someplace.  This is about the process.  Execution is another discussion.   Another hint pick up the sleeve as you paint and do the bottom.  That is the source of the black stripe down the underside of the arm, TOO straight".

No the shirt did not get much added stiffness.