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On another note, there is a forum that has been set up. However, we are still testing it and it isn't meant (at this point) as a talkaround kind of forum. It is really meant as a coordination/information sharing platform. But we're in 1.0. I don't disagree that there may be a need for a forum to post questions.

For now, I'd use the FB page or the website contact. If enough similar questions come together, that would seem to form the basis of a FAQ we could post on the site.

Hey Guys, its me Duchesssammi,
Haven't been on much lately been going through very very rough personal problems at home. My husband was fired 2 days before New Years - for not doing his bosses job and the housekeepers jobs... He was Maintenance - he was fired for not knowing silverware was missing in a cabin...It was unreal the bitch that hired him completely SCREWED him over and us, because hes been searching Ive been searching for him and we both been sending out over 200 resumes a week to any job that he can do. NO calls yet.  We got help paying our rent this month and electric bill and cable/internet. but we have nothing coming in and well are terrified....

But I want to help out and get busy helping IN CAC....


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