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[Wisconsin] Campaign for Liberty


The Campaign for Liberty is having a state meeting for Wisconsin in Wisconsin Dells on December 6.

Here are the details:

--- Quote ---Our Campaign for Liberty group in Wisconsin is set to have a great meeting on Dec 6th from 10am to 1pm.

The meeting location is a conference room (seats 100) at Kalahari Resort in WI Dells.  Everyone is invited, there will be no charge to attend.

WI State Representative Jeff Wood has agreed to speak to our group, and give his views on state issues on which we will have an impact.

In addition, several Campaign for Liberty members will be speaking on various topics (listed on agenda at Campaign for Liberty state website)
--- End quote ---

If you're interested in joining the Campaign for Liberty, the website is here.


i took a look at the site sounds/looks really interesting. You have my attention.


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