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Hello together,

I'm from germany and i want to know how do you all treat with this pandemic? For me, it is really scary to see how many people die beacuase of this virus..

Unfortunately, here in Pittsburgh at least, we have caught the government lying so much that I can't believe the numbers at all.

* Our state's governor (along with several other governors) ordered nursing homes (which are NOT hospitals, but filled with frail, and at-risk patients any way) to take known COVID-19 patients. A full 70% of our state's deaths came from those nursing homes. (They knew that it was going to be a disaster - our Health Secretary took his mother out of the nursing home when he ordered them to take the COVID patients.)
* The medical examiners in our state were ordered to list ANY death that had ANY respiratory issues as COVID (even if the death was totally unrelated to the respiratory troubles.)
* The medical examiners were not given any testing kits, until very recently, to confirm the COVID deaths (and then anyone who had COVID when they died - even a gunshot death - was reported as a COVID death.)
* Hospitals are give an additional $30,000 for each COVID case that they have (clear motivation to lie about the numbers.)
* When a person tests positive, they must test negative before returning to work, and every time that they test positive, that is recorded as a new case.
* With the tests that they have now, there have been cases where people have tested positive, without even actually taking the test.
* There have been many false positive, and false negative, test results.
One of the things for which my children were most severely punished was lying - now the government and news media are lying so unbelievably that they all need WAY more than just spankings.

We are still social distancing and wearing masks when we shop, go to church, etc. Also, we have been taking vitamin supplements to boost our natural immune system (multiple vitamins, chelated zinc and quercetin). Jack Spirko had a nice podcast on what types of supplements he is taking, which was pretty well researched, imo. He also has a general health podcast with those same supplements listed here:

As for how those with the virus are being treated by doctors, I'm not really sure what the latest is on that. I think they are finding several treatments much more effective than when we first learned of the disease. I think they are recognizing the potential damage to the circulatory system and many people have had to be on blood thinners for a long time after the disease is supposedly gone to prevent stroke.


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