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Faucci has floated "immunity certificates" as a solution

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  This hasn't been discussed here that I know of but I don't buy this and it's another reason I think the CDC is out of control and Faucci and anyone like him should be fired or ignored. That's just my opinion but this seems dangerous stuff to me and all these states and democrats seem to worship this guy or something. Just the fact that he has suggested this is enough for me. Not only that but the virus itself seems highly mysterious and unknown so I don't see how they can figure any thing of the sort out about immunity. There is no historical precedent for such things

Dr. Fauci says immunity certificates 'possible' after coronavirus pandemic. Here's what that means.


Some experts argue immunity certificates – documentation verifying a person is immune to the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 – could help reopen the economy by allowing some people to safely return to work, eat at restaurants and partake in activities prohibited by social distancing restrictions.

This has been floated in Germany as well, but due to immediate protests and concerns it has been tabled until 1. immunitiy is proven and 2. a resonable use is found.

There are arguments that knowing that certain ppl are immune would be an option for reduction of risks in hospitals and elder care, which isn't too bad, but general certificats would open up things like concerts etc. only with proven immunity, punishing ppl for following the social distancing rules and opening up a new way of discrimination at work. There are also worries of large numbers of pp intentionally becoming infected if they don't see themself as at risk of a serious illness.

So any real benefits to the individual person would just lead to a whole new level of mess. Even if there were a vaccine available... I'm not taking some rushed through vaccine to get a good to go stamp. Proving immunity would be another matter... no matter how much countrys like to say the do great in testing, the second something like that existed millions would want to get that test right then. I can almost imagine the riots because of privacy concerns and testing beeing to slow. No thanks.

Surf, at the speed this thing is developing at, that article is old news, and proof of antibodies isn’t proof of immunity from a second infection based on the evidence we have now. 

I don’t think anyone is seriously pushing certificates at this point because there’s perverse incentives for people to intentionally get infected so they can benefit from whatever privileges immunity might offer them.

The other thing is that even the best antibody tests aren’t perfectly accurate. Being able to correctly detect whether someone actually has antibodies 98% of the time sounds impressive until you start running the numbers against an infection with a current prevalence within LA of 4%.

When 96% of the people being tested don’t actually have the disease that 2% false positive rate of even a good test still erroneously categorizes an unacceptably high number of still vulnerable persons as being immune to an infection they haven’t actually developed a resistance to. 

Anything that sounds like the "666" forehead thing isn't going to be well received, and Faucci's suggestion has been accused of being that, despite being a hoarse-voiced 4' tall very old man. Is he anti-Christ?

If I had just came here from another planet, and sometimes I feel like I have, this Faucci fellow would appear to be the ruler of the country. He's just a doctor, but why doesn't anyone ask for a second opinion? And what makes him an authority on how to run the country? Quote Faucci and you have the last word. I've had enough of him, it is time to turn the Faucci off.


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