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Anyone have COVID-19?

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I'm pretty sure I do, but I don't meet the clinical criteria for (nor do I really want) the PCR test to confirm the diagnosis.  As soon as a good antibody test is available I'm going to get one.

Lot's of weird symptoms over the last six weeks:  slight dry cough and heaviness in the chest, subjective shortness of breath, headaches, chills, and rapid heart rate.  No sniffles or congestion, minimal sore throat at the beginning.

My oxygen saturation is well above 95% so I'm not seeking medical attention and just laying low at home because there's really not much that can be done for relatively mild cases like mine, and no use clogging the system.  Cough, breathing, and heart rate seem back to normal in the last few days, but I'll get hit with chills a couple times per day.  I'll think I'm all better and in a few days the cough comes back.  My biggest fear is transferring it to someone who really gets critically sick, so I'm planning on staying hunkered down for at least 2-3 more weeks.

David in MN:
Both my wife and I had something that fits the pattern late December. The one that got me was the loss of taste. I still haven't fully normalized my apetite and now I eat 1-2 meals per day.

If what we went through was COVID it's nasty. As in the Mrs. spent 48 hours unable to get out of bed and pretty soon after I was rolling on the floor with a fever and shaking.

Haven't been tested but my wife has 2 co-workers who tested for antibody so we're not far off of likely cases. Anecdotally quite a few friends had "something" in that late December and early January timeline. At least one went to the hospital with breathing issues and I went to an ENT because I just couldn't swallow food. In every case we were basically told it was likely seasonal flu and given the usual runaround.

Morning Sunshine:
no.  But I think we had it in February.

Lion (13-yo daughter), got it first, on a Wed, February 19.  We had people over for dinner and I made sure Lion stayed upstairs and away from our friends.  She had a fever, and was very weak and fatigued.  It lasted 2 weeks before it finally went away, completely.  My kids never have things that last longer than 2-3 days.  I do not remember if she had a cough.
By Friday, Wolf (10-yo boy) and Bee (7-yo girl) also had fevers and fatigue.  Saturday night, neither would eat, but no stomach upset.  When Bee started coughing, I panicked - coughing is long-lived in this house.  I remember being surprised by the cough, since she had had no congestion, and around here, coughing only starts a week after there has been dripping or stuffy or whatever in the sinuses.  But hers was a sudden dry cough without context.  And it went away 2 days later, never to be heard again - also strange in my house.
Bear (16-yo daughter) started to feel something, but not wanted to get sick, drank LOTS more water, loaded up on vitamins, and drank lots of onion-honey (raw onion steeped in warm honey, then strained).  She was fatigued, but managed to carry on her daily activities at the local trade school.
My husband had a mild fever, and 2-3 days of mild fatigue.
I had no fever, no cough, but I did, during these 2 weeks Lion was ill, have 3 days, spread out, where I just collapsed on my bed in random unplanned sleep.
Bug (my oldest, 18-yo son) was either at school or work most of the day, and so never spent any time with us or even, really, in our house; his bedroom and bathroom are in the basement, and he would eat at school or work.  And when he found out we were sick, he managed to vacate the house even more.

I did make sure the kids were taking lots of Vit C, elderberry, onion-honey; we drank lots of lemon tea, hot apple cider, and ran peppermint and eucalyptus oil in diffusers around the house (we find that helps us breath easier).  We also ran humidifiers in the bedrooms to help breathing at night.  I also spent a lot of time in the steam room at the gym, hoping to sweat out the illness, like an artificial fever.   I know that a lot of doctors would dismiss all this as "old-wives tales" or pure placebo, but that is our method of dealing with respiratory illnesses.

We think a couple our kids might have had it because they had really weird symptoms in January/February. My wife was exposed but tested negative a couple weeks ago. I've been fine so far and hope that I continue to be that way. I tend not to get sick unless it's really bad and requires hospitalization/surgery so... this could go either way ;)

I had mild respiratory system including a dry cough from late JAN to 2nd week of FEB, real tired and draggy.  That was following European travel, so who knows, maybe I did have it.

Since then have had a few odd bouts of mild fever and coughing when the fever was on.  Also seemed to have diminished cardio since then, though now that I feel better I seem to have gotten most of the cardio back. 

So I have no idea.


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