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Bill Gates and the Corona-19 virus

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His name is mentioned more often as he sees a window of opportunity. Who is he?

Bill Gates: China did it right. Let's close down our country like they did.


I don't understand why he's jumped in so deep.
He talks on TV like he's kind of an expert in these virus matters.
Maybe he is...........

I want to know why a tech CEO is now the expert when it comes to vaccines.

Take a look at the information available about the Gates Foundation and the Polio vaccine in India.  Short story is that since the Polio vaccine has been given in India, there have been 500,000 children paralyzed by the vaccine.  My understanding is that they India Supreme Court is hearing the case.

of course I could be completely wrong about this.  I'm going on information I've gotten from other podcasts that I listen to.

Here's what I found:

Bottom line for me is Bill Gates involvement in vaccines is dark & creepy.


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