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Operation gridlock - Michigan - citizens block roads around capital

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It’s funny but I had pegged Michigan as a potential state to move to other than the cold. Tennessee is my current favorite though far from where I live. Anyway, it appears citizens are blocking roads around the capital using their cars and so on. I am posting the infowars link because my phone is having a hard time bringing up other sites with my lousy web connection

I think there is drone footage on YouTube as well but my phone is not loading it

On Wednesday afternoon, massive crowds, organized by a conservative group, have surrounded Michigan’s state Capitol building. Protestors are angry at Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s (D) stay-at-home public health order during the pandemic.


WWJ Newsradio 950’s Charlie Langton said organizers are calling the movement “Operation Gridlock.” Langton tweeted a video of a traffic jam of protestors that “extends for miles outside Lansing,” waiting to get to the Capitol.


Zero hedge article says:

Some protestors were dressed in body armor, wielding AR-15s.


More views of people with body armor and weapons at the steps of the Capitol.

Whitmer really blew it.  She is vying to be Biden's running mate and wanted to come off as a decisive executive.  But her ultra-authoritarian decisions were just plain cooky and people think she is nuts now. 


Here's a video

Ditto Minnesota:


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