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The Pandemic Kitchen

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I am discovering that the pandemic situation is changing the way we shop, garden, prepare and our menu. We are close to totally depending upon online grocery shopping once a month and dealing with shortages, learning to use stored food and foraging. I might go back to fishing again. We haven't seen radical changes yet, but are preparing for what might be coming.
This YouTube channel has some good ideas, can't use all of them, but it makes one think, re-think the garden.
I've also found some articles from the 1990's about stretching the grocery dollar. Not a time to be complacent.

His list of top 10 crops to grow is a good one: kale&chard; potatoes; cabbage; herbs; sweet potatoes; onions&garlic; corn; beans; winter squash; eggs  reminds me of Carol Deepes suggestions. 

If you find any good stretch the grocery budget, let us know

My last nights foray into pandemic kitchen was to serve my stir fry over noodles instead of rice.  I do have some rice, but it is hard to get right now, and some things realy call for it while I like noodles in peanut sauce type dishes. So, I stir fried some hearty vegetables, made a quick peanut sauce, as I still have lots of peanut butter ( peanuts realy, I grind my own) start with equal amounts boiling water and peanut butter, about 2T of each per serving, I made 2 servings to have leftovers for lunch today.  Add soy sauce ( 1 T in my case), a bit of vinegar, garlic ( 1-2 cloves for me) and some cayenne  -  or whatever you have to spice it up. I used spaghetti for the noodles, I measured out 2 2oz servings and broke the noodles into thirds as I dropped into the pot.  I put the stir fried veggies, then noodles, then topped with peanut sauce straight in the 2 bowls, and stirred up.

Of all things crackers are not available. I think they are easy to make, we use them a lot.

From 1996:

Thanks Carver, some good info. +1

I had a tiny bit of trouble with it. I followed the link, and then tried to enlarge the images with Ctrl-plus, but that only enlarged everything except the images. What finally worked was to right-click the image, click "View Image" and then click inside the image to bring it to full size. The the article was easily readable to my tired old eyes.


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