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Seeds and clothing considered non essential in Vermont

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Communism the real threat?

According to management at a Burlington, Vermont Walmart, seeds (the source of all non-meat related food) are nonessential and the sale of said items must be banned.

Morning Sunshine:
buy them from somewhere besides walmart?  it sounds like it is the store manager who made that decision, not the .gov?

also... clothes... I have 4 growing children.  Who need new clothes.  Sure, it is mostly the elders who cannot wear their sibs hand-me-downs, but even so... after 2 older sisters, my youngest needs a few new pairs of pants


1. The article itself said that they could be sold curbsideor  delivery.

2. Most places deem businesses essential, not tgeir products.  Bass pro is essential here because of the firearms counter.  Nobody is stopping you from buying something else from them.

3.  Why the heck, besides your own paranoia, would anyone think this has a dang thing to do with seeds.  States and municipalities are making decisions on the fly on how to deal with the transmission of this virus...of course they have not thought through the implications of every product on sale at a megastore.  I think they are being foolish to restrict sales of anything in an essential business, but why do you see anything other than scared policy makers doing scared...and therefore stupid, policy things?

Mr. Bill:
Since I don't trust anything I see on the Internet, I investigated the seeds issue.  And it's true, sort of.

On 3/31 the VT Agency of Commerce and Community Development did issue a directive that large big-box retailers must stop in-person sales of "non-essential" items including their home and garden departments.

However, this seems to directly contradict the exceptions allowed in the Governor's executive order, which allows retail sales of undefined "essential supplies", and specifically lists "agriculture and farms, animal shelters, production and delivery of seed, chemicals and fertilizers".

I am guessing that if Walmart just set up a rack of vegetable and herb seeds in the produce department, the jack-booted thugs would not make a fuss.

Let a few folks start running around without clothes, and watch state gov decide they're essential after all.


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