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crime in the days of Corona virus

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It's so much easier to sort out the criminals from the non-criminals when all the non-criminals are home. (ha)

Early on when masks became a thing I thought now criminals wearing one wouldn't get a second look.  Two days ago I was looking at some video files from my security camera and at about 4:00AM someone wearing a mask was walking down the block checking all the car handles along the way, no doubt checking for unlocked ones.  Even though my motion light went on as he approached my driveway and walked up it he never flinched and just kept going along as if nothing happened.  It was hard to tell for certain but someone may have been doing the same on the opposite side of the street.

Sure enough soon after, the neighborhood web site reported a number of car break ins right about where I live.  They also said that when reported to the police department they were basically ignored and even hung up on.  The site also told people to lock their cars.  I can't imagine leaving a car on the street unlocked, but I guess enough people do it to make it worthwhile for criminals to check.  I guess that was the long winded way of saying don't rely on anyone to protect or keep you safe. 


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