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crime in the days of Corona virus

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So, you have likely heard how they are releasing all those suspects pre-trial and all the "non-violent" convicts ?  Here is another one.... released due to corona virus from halfway house, breaks into a home, threatens womans life with a knife, etc....

getting squirelly indeed

Guess I need to stop wearing sweats during this "stay at home" or find a way to wear a belt with sweats.....

And, locally, this one I am putting here as we all need to use ATM's more now that bank lobbies are shut down, and now that all the other stores in the strip malls are shut down, there will not be people around as there usually are, you are more likely to be alone. At the same time, we have enhanced "pre trial releases "  due to not wanting to put them in county jails due to the corona virus, and not just in california, they are doing this alll over now. In pre-trail release,  they arrest someone for a crime, and do not hold them in county jail, like this criminal ( oh, I'm sorry Alleged criminal)

And, my county of California does not give people concealed carry permits, unless you are friends of the sherrifs or something, but it is a do-not-issue-without-a-good-reason-and-there-are-no-good-reasons county.  So no-one is carrying, except the criminals. I am beginning to wonder if we are crossing a tipping point, I am reading of so many criminal caught with guns that face no jail time, so remind me again why I shouldnt illegally carry ?

--- Quote ---Last Thursday afternoon, a man was getting money from an ATM ----  Street when he was approached by another man brandishing a knife and demanding his money. When the victim started to walk away, the suspect followed the man before he called --PD to report he was being robbed. During the investigation, --PD Detectives were able to identify the suspect and he was arrested. He was on “pre trial release” (otherwise known as “-local sherriffs name - Get Out of Jail Free Card”) from a previous arrest earlier this month. On March 1st, just 3 weeks ago, the same guy was arrested and charged with 3 felonies, including domestic violence, false imprisonment, and vandalism. And three weeks later he’s trying to commit armed robbery in downtown -- ! The wheel has come off the clown car here and we’re headed for the ditch!
--- End quote ---

Stay safe, MM.

David in MN:
I can only go from anecdote but I have contacts in both Anoka PD and Milwaukee PD and they both said you've got to really try to get police to interfere with you right now.

Doesn't mean there are no laws but it means there is an awful lot more discretion and the police might not even be out. So do your best and stay as safe as possible.

I have heard that in a few places, San Francisco and Beverly Hills, for example, stores are taking all stock out of the shut down stores and many are boarding up windows to cut losses from break and take thefts or vandalism.  Streets are empty of shoppers, and not much police out, and likely they worry about more bored and ready to steal people as time goes on

There are articles of the beverly hills/LA stuff you can find too

and, Austin

Dont know why they havent done this around here ( yet)


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