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Coronavirus sparks panic buying

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Morning Sunshine:

--- Quote from: iam4liberty on May 06, 2020, 07:41:59 AM ---The American people initially responded with a "we are all in this together" attitude and sacrificed a lot under stay-at-home to chip in.  But then media went over the top showcasing charlatons with projections of 2.2 million dead, ventilator fixations, etc. and some politicians went mini-dictator issuing non-sensical orders like banning sale of seeds and arresting people playing ball with their kids.  So all that good will has been squandered and the people are beginning to ignore them.  If the people want to open things up again, they will and there is nothing government can do to stop them.  So politicians and media need to stop the political games, cut out the nonense, and concentrate only on very practical things which will make a difference.  Then the people will start listening again.

--- End quote ---

this.  exactly this.


Agreed, again!

Here in Pennsylvania, we are required by state law to wear masks whenever we enter a public building (like a store.) Some people do not follow that, but I'm trying - although, I do need to pull it away from my face to breathe.

A little while back, my son and I were at Aldi, and my son had his mask down over his chin. The cashier told him that he was supposed to have his mask covering his mouth and nose, but her replied that the mask does not really help, and he did not move his mask.

I noticed the look on the girl's face - she clearly believed the mass media, and the governor, and looked as though my son had no concern for her, and was willing to hurt her for no reason at all. My son would never have done anything to hurt her, and said that he had not noticed that look on her face, but I don't want to make the poor sheeple feel bad, so I try to keep my mask on when shopping.


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