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Stainless Spigot?


Black November:
Can you confirm the spigot hole size of the stainless Big Berkey? Would this aftermarket stainless steel spigot fit/work?

Also, have you considered selling a stainless steel spigot option? it might be pretty popular.

(We love our stainless Big Berkey, and a travel Berkey. I have also convinced 5 of my friends/family to purchase one as well)

Black November:
Somebody already posted the question on amazon:

--- Quote ---I forgot the diameter for my Berkey Imperial spigot, but do you know if this will fit the average stainless steel Berkey filter systems? Thanks.

Answer: Yes, it fits mine perfecto. Whoever has a Berkey, BUY THIS SPIGOT, NOW.
By DETHMAUL on July 15, 2014
--- End quote ---

Black November:
My review after using it for a few days:

Definitely solid & well-crafted. Fits perfectly, and gives the Berkey a more finished look. I would definately recommend it. The only drawback I found is it pours slightly slower. Not noticeably, but slightly smaller stream.

I am glad you found the answer, I need to be more active on this forum again, I have been away from posting for a few months.

The Berkey Guy


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