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New Berkey: Setup, Experience, and Shout Out


So just got my new Berkey Lite system today from Jeff. So far, I love it! Super fast shipping even with all crazy weather we've been having and  FedEx being at an all time stand still.

Got the system with the primer system for the black filters. Just an FYI the primer bulb doesn't work for the white filters. I think a simple trip to the hardware store could fix this but I don't recommend that for reasons stated later. The primer worked GREAT. Tips, fully submerge the black filter when priming, and screw the primer all the way onto the filter.

I got everything set up, black filters primed, white filters "primed", and water in the top. Now, as I understand the white filters go inside the bottom screwed into the black filters. So after I got everything set up, I noticed the water in the bottom was cloudy. I figured it had something to do with the white filters.

After taking them back off and repriming  the white filters...ran either in both directions for over 30 seconds, I stuck them back on. So far, water is clear and taste great! Thanks, Jeff!

Glad to hear everything went great, the white cloudy water should dissipate after atleast 10 gallons have passed through the system.  Be sure to start drinking it after atleast 10 gallons pass through the system.

The Berkey Guy

Got my Berkey not that long ago either - also from Jeff and I've been very pleased.  I delayed buying it because I'd never seen one in person and didn't have a good sense of how larg theuy were, how'd it really work in my daily life, etc.  Now, I can't imaging not using it.  I've actually started drinking more water - it tastes better.  My kids commented on that too.  I didn't get the primer system - did it manually, but it worked fine.  I did get the spigot showing the water level - that has been great.  No problems, didn't need to call on any Berkey Guy amazing customer service.

As I'm typing this, I do have one question.

Jeff - If you read this, please respond when you get a moment.

How full should I fill the top container?  At first, I would add water whenever I took some out.  So if I filled the kettle for tea, or the water pitcher for the table, I'd add water to the system to 'top it off'.  After thinking about it a while, it seemed to me that the tops of my black filters might get a lot less use than the bottoms if I fill up the top only halfway.   Now I fill the top container to the top at night, use it during the day and wait for the bottom to be just about empty, before doing a full refill.  Thanks in advance for any advice.



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