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New Berkey Product...


Introducing Berkey BioFilm Drops:

Berkey® Biofilm Drops are used for storing and maintaining pure, fresh water.
Scientifically engineered and patented Copper-Siler Ion solution in the defense of biofilm related bacteria in ceramic water filters, carbon (charcoal filters)  and water  storage containers. Treats 330 Gallons.
Especially formulated for use in harvested rainwater containers, long term storage water containers and for use in emergency preparedness and disaster relief.  May be used with any type of filter media but works best with Black Berkey┬« Purification elements.
Extends the shelf life of water being stored for up to 5 years.
Extends the time between element cleanings.
Eliminates the need to rotate stored water every six months and keeps your water fresh-tasting and odor-free.
Simple and easy to use.

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Is there a label photo of the ingredients, both active and inactive? 

Is there a bacteria problem in using the Berkey water filtration systems without adding this chemical?


Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate - 2.5%
Conditioned Water 96.5%
Other Ingredients: Silver Nitrate, Complexants & Stabilizers - <1%

Any other ingredients are proprietary.



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