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Tom WaterPure:
In answer to Mr 13, Berkey Biofilm drops are a copper silver ion solution that combat slime and biofilm buildup in filters and water thats being stored. All filters get this slime growth inside the filters, what do you think the bacteria the filters gather up do inside the filter mechanism?

 By using the drops it pretty well stops any slime formation, your filters last longer and it also helps eliminate the growth of biofilm (slime) and algae inside the filter tank on the fittings spout, etc. Bacteria harbors in biofilm and chlorine does not penetrate it so the bacteria releases and starts new colonies. The Berkey drops are great for storing water because it can stay in the water active for years unless enough bacteria enters the water ... Chlorine can only stay active for about 48 hours. Other countries recognize ionization as a disinfectant although the U.S. does not ... it really works and the cost of the drops far out ways the cost of buying new filters. They don't plug up as fast. Also someone mentioned you don't need to use anything in storage water that's been filtered ... not true of you want the safest water. I have worked with the Commander of the Public Health Service who is now retired and he has personally tested these drops and  now uses the to treat and impregnate his filter as well as using them in his storage water. He and I both filter out the chlorine and it causes cancer by binding with DBP's ... heres a good short read on chlorine and cancer when used in drinking water. The copper/silver ions used in the Berkey drops are the equivalent  of taking a vitamin mineral supplement.


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