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Taunton Teens Suspended Over Airsoft Homecoming Photo

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According to this copy of the letter supposedly sent by the school, they found out about the picture when students and parents of students started calling the school freaking out and wanting to know what was going on. Based on that, the school suspended the two students because the situation would "materially and substantially disrupt the order of the school". They have a hearing scheduled to discuss the ongoing suspension with the students and parents of the two students.

They list the reasons they took the "emergency action" of removing them from school immediately in that letter as well. Our schools are now run by this:

I am not one who usually scream "sue them" but in this case I would make an exception.

In a sane world, after about the first 2 parents called the school, the school administrators should have called the kids to the office and put them in a chair and said, "You guys sit here while we call your parents." And then you call the parents. And you find out what's going on. And once you're satisfied, you give the required lecture about "abundance of caution" and "misunderstanding" and "blah,blah" and then you send the kids back to class and you give your office people a script to read to the next 100 idiot parents calling in in a froth explaining that the picture was taken by the Dad, the guns are toys (more or less, don't want to offend the Airsoft forum ;)), and nobody is in danger but we appreciate your concern and feel free to call us anytime.

What is completely and utterly unacceptable is the knee-jerk suspension, the questioning without parents present, the calling of the police and further questioning without parents being notified or present. That to me is completely unacceptable. I've told my kid that if she ever gets pulled into a situation like this that she is to repeat one phrase and one phrase only regardless of who is in the room until one of us walks in the door. "My parents have told me not to answer any questions until they are in this room with me. I'll not say anything else until you call them and they are here and then we will all talk." I live and work about 8 minutes from the school and it's a private school, not public. The school is very accountable to the parents. If they want to expel her because she won't talk to the police without me being there, then all it does is save me the trouble of firing them.


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