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Berkey leaking after filling with bottom empty

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We have had a problem with finding a wet counter around our Big Berkey at different times. Sometimes we hear hissing or whistling as well as some bubbling where the upper and lower reservoir come together. Maybe moisture is building there and running down to the counter. We waited until the unit was empty and then emptied any excess. We filled the top to just above the black filters which should be two gallons approximately. The specifications say 2.25 gallons is the capacity. Within a relatively short period of time, we noticed the seeping around the middle again. It seems to be okay after I take the two halves apart as if I was checking the lower reservoir. Maybe that breaks a seal at the middle portion that occurs when it is wet. Any thoughts?

Sounds like one ,or more,filters are not sealed well and water is seeping past the filters///Just my best guess .

Could be. I was perplexed by the instructions when they said only trim the filters a certain number of times and no more. It seems like you would want them tight. Thank you for your response!

I hope someone who actually owns a Berkey will reply,but I look like a guy who has one and understand how they work,so that is still the most likely cause of your leakage.

Thank you again. Now water does not seem to be moving through the system. Not sure why. We have only had it since early July. Maybe the black filters need to be cleaned already. I primed them again. White and black.


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