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--- Quote from: Roamer on July 09, 2014, 09:31:32 AM ---  I live in central Florida and I do soften the water. But I have was to get water at different stages of treatment.
I well is shallow (about 65') and is in the sub-suficial aquifer and not the Floridan Aquifer.

   It is hard, and has sulfur, iron, and tannin in it. The chlorination takes out some of the iron and sulfur.
The softening filter has tannin beads as well as softening beads. I also have a counter top RO filter in
the house that we run the water through for drinking.

--- End quote ---

I apologize about not answering this quicker.  I would make sure to get the water before or from a source that is not softened.  If you can put on a pre-filter when the water comes out of your well, that will help to remove atleast the iron from the water.  We also put on Berkey Shower Filters onto all of our showers to reduce iron in our water.  I am not sure how to remove tannin, but I hope what info I have provided will be helpful.


  The water comes out of the well and has chlorine into it at about 1 ppm. It then goes through a 100 gallon tank for the chlorine to have enough contact time to be effective. It is then filter by a carbon filter to remove the chlorine. The chlorine removes the iron and sulfur. It then goes into a softening filter that also contains beads that remove tannins.

  We have a counter top RO filter that has a carbon filter before and after the RO filter. The water out of this is what we drink.

  I can take water from any point in the process. If I take the water right before the softening filter wouldn't that satisfy
your suggestion for a pre-filter?

From what you had said, it can be taken just before it goes into the softener.  If there is tannin in the water, I am not familiar with the Berkeys removing it.


This question is for the Berkey Guy.  I recently bought a royal Berkey to filter municipal water, but circumstances are forcing me to relocate and my new residence will have well water.  I have already researched that it would be best to take the water to filter in the Berkey before the softening, but I haven't performed a test on the well water itself.  I know that certain particulates, Mg K and others, could be in the well.  What I would like to know is if there are any minerals, deposits or anything that could be damaging to the Berkey.  I will be having the water tested professionally to ascertain exactly what's in the water, but I would just like to know if there is anything in particular I should be cautious of to protect the Black filters as well as the PF-2 filters.  Any information and advice would be greatly appreciated. 

I would recommend getting your well water tested professionally.  Many people do use it for well water and have no problems.



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