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Black Filters Failing Without Notice

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Am I doing something wrong?

This is the 6th filter to break in the last 18 months. They usually break when cleaning, granted I've become VERY careful with them, but I've still lost two during normal operation (which were never touched since installation).

In one case I knew it was broken because the water was rushing out too fast, in the other case I noticed it was broken because I have hard water and could see the orange color in the bottom reservoir. In the latter case I was likely drinking dirty water for days without knowing.

This is a game changer for Berkey users since the filter can fail without the user knowing. Unless this is user error I think we need to find another solution for filtration, but what could I be doing wrong? At first I thought I was being too rough when cleaning tipping the top reservoir on its side but I've 2 break without touching them.


When did you buy them?  They had a period of time they were warrantying them due to defective gluing.  Search the Berkey thread for more information.

Thanks: 2012 and 2014


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The elements you have are from 2011, the new bases since 2012 have teeth on them, making it all but impossible for the elements to come apart.  Because your elements do not have the teeth, they are from 2011.


Thanks, that's the answer I was hoping for. I'm surprised that the folks at Amazon sent me old filters. I guess that's what I get...


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