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Hugelkultur Bed Picture Thread

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Found another thread here of a really nice Hugelkultur Bed.

Just spotted the thread and I'm still working on compiling a whole bunch of pictures to show the process of developing my garden beds this year, but here's one shot I already uploaded:

This picture is of a new rock wall I put in with rock I got from just digging down about 12" (to unyielding bedrock).  You'll notice how in the foreground there's bare soil that's about 12" below the grade going up to the right.  After removing the soil and separating out the rock, I put in about 12-18" of old logs, mostly Ash and Elm on one end, mostly pine on the other, based on what I have available.  The bed is now about 35-40' long and varies from 5-15' wide as it followed the contour of the hillside.  I put about 6" of woodchips and old hay on top of the logs (shown), then added 6" of horse manure, then 12" of top soil to the point where the soil was level with the top of the rock wall.  To the right in the picture is a swale that's about 70' long that I had put in with a bobcat. 

My soil profile is 0-6" 60% sandy loam with 40% 2-6" rock, 7-13" 30-40% sandy loam with 60-70% 2-12" rock.  Decomposing granite with areas of granite coming to the surface.  Occassionally soils to a depth of 14-18", but mostly shallow rocky soils that drain well, but lack organic materials.  The area is covered in ponderosa forest with 15-20% openings.  Soil is slightly acidic, about pH 6-6.5, worse in areas of denser trees, approaching pH 5.5.

I'll try to get up more pics this week, as I have about 12 weeks worth of pictures in my camera that need uploading at the moment.  The spot you're looking at right now has about a half-dozen trees, 40-50 strawberry plants, another 4-5 shrubs, and a variety of garden herbs growing under a 2-3" bed of pine mulch.  It's been a lot of work to get set up and right now I'm drip irrigating 2-3x a week while everything gets established, but I'd suspect by this time next year, I'll be down to 1-2x a week (in an environment that gets about 17" of moisture, mostly in the form of snow, every year).  I'm also growing some veggies this year in this bed because I didn't have other bed space available, but I suspect by next year I'll have new beds in and have the entire bed dedicated to being a perennial forest garden.

Hey Muddy, I just started a thread on what I did to develop my beds  As always, lots of trial and error.

Thanks for posting this.

Was able to finish putting the riprap down on the side a couple days ago. The buckwheat is starting to come up even though it's only rain once.


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