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After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria

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Just a side note on the coffee. I have the Melitta 10 cup manual coffee maker and keep it warm on a teapot warmer that uses a tealight candle. I think it was $11.00 or $12.00 at Amazon for the coffee maker and I picked up a cheap teapot warmer on Ebay for around $5.00 I think it was. There is always a way to make coffee.

OKGranny, thanks for responding and you are right on - tea pot warmers are very useful - not that many people know about these.  One will keep a teapot or coffepot warm.   I have several and did get one of them at Ebay.  Ebay is likely the cheapest place to find one or more.  Many tea company websites carry them.   A large bag of tealight candles can be bought at a craft or dollar store for something like $5. 

OKGranny and Victoria, how do tea cozy's work in comparison to the tea pot warmers? Is it comparable or do the cozy's just not work as well?

I think if you had a cosy that was teflon lined or something they would do as well but the ones I like, *you know, cute fabric, quilted * don't keep the tea or coffee as warm as the teapot warmers esp for in the mornings when it takes me 20 minutes to get through the first cup cause I doze off between sips. Yeah I'm one of those people that has to get up 2-21/2 hours early to get to work on time. Not to mention I like to put my tea in my beloved Manhatten Cats teapot and with the warmer I can still enjoy looking at the teapot.

This is great Victoria!  I'm so glad you have joined us.  Maybe I can get my husband to sit down and read what you have written, especially about the Berkley.  Your notes also give me pointers to work on,  since I've just begun prepping in the last several months.


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