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Episode 126 All on Airsoft and Shooting

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Just published today's show, hope it starts some discussions here on the new airsoft board.


Decent episode.

For folks using airsoft or simunitions in part of their training curriculum, here's some great reference materials that are available and filled with useful info to keep your survival training reality based, and transition well to the real world...

Training at the Speed of Life, Vol. 1: The Definitive Textbook for Police and Military Reality Based Training

Reality-Based Gunfighting by Gabe Suarez

I'm listening to the podcast as I type! I try to airsoft every week, and think it's a great way to train and be prepared. Although they aren't highly accurate, airsoft guns are a great way to introduce people, especially kids, to gun safety and use.

I learned about this podcast from a friend of mine who emailed me about this (he's the "Xmas stocking maker")

Excellent Podcast on airsoft.  Training with airsoft has been covered numerous times from a variety of sources ranging from police trainers to magazine writers to self-proclaimed 'airsoft training experts".  However, you have been able to break down and distill very clearly the advantages of using airsoft for teaching gun safety, shooting fundamentals, and tactical principles. 

The connection between airsoft and the 2nd amendment is often overlooked or poorly presented in somewhat paranoid terms.
Your explanation analogy for how airsoft is importantly intertwined with our second amendment rights is the best and clearest that I have heard. 

Here's our LE sales page which basically outlines some of the methods of usage that LE agencies have used the airsoft guns for as well as a quoted email from a state police tactical team leader.

Now that I know about this podcast, I look forward to listening to more podcasts of your various timely topics in the future.

Aw crap, more fun  shit to buy.

I actually have a couple of spring powered Grocks...they're great for shooting the neighbors cats.  I mean...they seem like they would be.


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