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John Willis:
We can totally add a flap. I have a lot of guys wanting them with and with out a flap. I built this as a prototype to test a few things and have a platform to build off of. We have a lot of guys wanting to use these as active shooter bags and the thought is that when they get out of the car with the long gun the cat is out of the bag any ways. I think we are going to make the flap removable.

I also want to redo the handle. I forgot to put a carry handle on it till it was all together so this was an after thought. The handle on it right now sucks.

The 4 mag pouches on the front are velcro lined so you can afix a small tab of velcro to your mags and run them with no lids. We are also going to add small tabs of webbing so you can run bungee accross the front if prefered. And of coarse there are also the lid options.

We can also make the 4 mag pouches hold 2 mags each thus doubling the mags but also making the pockets usuable for smokes or other gear.

Here are some pictures to give you an idea of what this bag will hold. You could add a bit more if you took the time to load it better but its dinner time and I'm starving.

Full bag closed up. It bulges a bit but the zipper closed with no effort at all.


Looking down inside. The tan pouch is the VOK the seals are running.


Remove that VOK and you can see all the pelican case, bangs, smokes, and nalgene. You can also see the nalgene flask and flex cuffs in the other flat pocket. The only thing stacked on top of any thing was the VOK.


Here is the stuff from the center/ maine compartment.


Here is the stuff from the other flat slot inside.


Here is how the pistol and mags look in the flat zippered pocket on the back.


And here is every thing that was in the bag layed out flat.

John that is a heck of an edc platfrom. i truely like the last pic of everything laid out.
how about a link i can't seem to find it on the site.

John that's one hell of a bag. Not sure I need the ability to carry 4 AR/AK mags on a regular basis, but still a kick ass bag.

-- Jeremy

I decided on and ordered a Maxpedition Fatboy Verispak S-Type. The S-Type is for left side carry. Since I will be concealed carrying on the right side I don't want anything to interfere with access to my primary weapon. I also ordered the holster insert for the Fatboy and I will be setting it up for a cross draw of my back up weapon, which I will be picking up after the holidays.

I also found a multi-tool and flashlight I really like, but decided to hold off since my family is bugging me for gift ideas.  ;D

Next I need to find a pouch or case to create a FAK in.

-- Jeremy

Here are some pics of the blades I carry as EDC.  The ka-bar dozier is brand new today.  I am very impressed with it so far.


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