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Become Independently Healthy
« on: December 14, 2009, 08:19:33 AM »
Becoming Independently Healthy

Health truly is our greatest wealth.  Ask anyone who has wealth and not health and I think they would gratefully exchange one for the other.  While there are health conditions that are beyond immediate reversal (such as type 1 diabetes), most (probably 80%) can be dramatically improved.  Please understand that most of the drugs that are prescribed for chronic health issues are designed to manage the symptoms, not restore you to health.   I believe that the goal for each of us in these changing times should to be come Independently Healthy.  This means that our health and well being are not dependent on outside support that has the potential to fail if or whenever there is a glitch or hiccup in the economy.  How many of us could survive without the pharmacy?  Certainly, we advocate having a supply of necessary medications, enough to get you through a reasonable period of disruption.  But it make much more sense if we could bring up our level of health so that all or most of the drugs we take are unnecessary. 

Of course, I realize that not everyone has been blessed genetically with a hearty constitution.  Many of my patients with the worst health work the hardest to maintain what they’ve got.  But far more are reaping the consequences of poor lifestyle choices. Isn’t it ironic that we have fallen victim to convenience and our taste buds in the food choices that we make.  One hundred years ago, few people ate anything other than home cooked meals from fresh ingredients.  Today, I suspect that the majority of people in America would have a difficult time making something from scratch (that means without opening a bottle, can or box that has gone through some processing). 

Like starting a new hobby, becoming Independently Healthy will take what I call start up energy and money.  When I began rock climbing as a youth in the 1970’s, I spent several hundred dollars on equipment, but once established, I had all kinds of freedom to go and climb wherever I desired.  Likewise, changing your eating and lifestyle habits, is going to require some changes and what will seem like some inconveniences, but once established, your energy will dramatically increase, your food will taste better and your symptoms will probably greatly diminish. 
The goal is not to go cold turkey and even try to wean yourself off of drugs that your body needs or has become dependent on.  The goal is to improve your health so that drugs and dependencies are no longer necessary.  There are many foods and herbs that can build and support a healthier body.  Every health issue and every body is different, but there are many commonalities.  As a rule, by eating whole natural foods, we feel better and can begin to build a healthier body than by eating inferior quality processed foods.
It is a matter of choice isn’t it.  But I love McDonalds!! You may say.  That is fine, as long as you are willing to live with the consequences of your choices.  But I love Dr. Pepper, Coke, Mountain Dew!  That’s fine, but understand that years of consumption will take its toll and may not be easily reversed. Those of us who are truly serious about living a life of both quality and quantity are also willing to pay the price by doing those things which will stack the odds of good health in our favor. 
The first step to becoming Independently Healthy is to access where you are now.  What health problems do you currently have or what health problems do you have a family history of or a predisposition toward.  For example, if adult onset diabetes runs in your family and you are 30 to 50 pounds overweight, and you don’t enjoy exercise and you love carbs and sweets – then it may be unreasonable for you to escape this preventable health condition.  Likewise, if you drive yourself hard and are the typical type-A personality, eat a diet with trans or hydrogenated fats – you may be looking at the consequence of high blood pressure.  BTW, the number one cause of erectile dysfunction is taking high blood pressure medication.  Now that’s hitting below the belt.  If men are serious about their sex lives (and most are), wouldn’t it be nice to correct the problem at its source rather than dealing with the anxiety of whether or not you’ll be able to perform in bed or not.  Viagra and Cialis are not designed to fix anything!, just manage a symptom.

   So here are a few things to consider if you are serious about becoming independently healthy:
1. Eat whole natural foods.  It’s okay to junk out once in a while, but you need to eat home cooked healthy meals with whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and healthy meats.  Stay away from processed foods – especially those high in sugar and hydrogenated oils (and no highly processed canola oil is not healthy – I recommend only cold pressed oils such as olive and coconut).
2. Get enough sleep.  Eight hours of good sleep is generally enough for most people.  Seven is not.  Turn off the TV or computer and go to bed.  If you are tired during the day, you are not getting enough sleep.
3. Exercise.  Our bodies are designed to work physically and when they don’t, they wear out faster.  It is better to be fit and overweight than unfit and thin.  Gardening is a great exercise, you don’t need to be unproductive (like working out on a machine).  Make exercise something you enjoy doing while getting something useful done.
4. Fix underlying problems before they become problems.  Your bowels should be moving 2 to 3 times daily.  If not, strengthen them with a good herbal laxative.  Signs of an unhealthy liver often manifest as skin problems.  Take herbs to cleanse and detoxify the liver.  Your lungs should breathe free and clear without wheezing or rattling.  Your urine should be clear – slightly yellow without a strong offensive odor.  Your tongue should not be coated with a film.  There are many signs that can easily be assessed on your own or with the help of someone knowledgeable in these matters.  Don’t rule out a thorough physical exam with blood work.  Always work with your doctor and pharmacist before altering any medications you may be taking.  Again raise your level of health making medications unnecessary is the goal.
5. Drink purified water.  If you can’t afford a filter, set a pitcher of tap water out and let the chlorine out-gas for a day.  Your water will be good. 
6. Work on healthy relationships and get rid of clutter.  If you don’t use it or see that you may (such as a legitimate prep), donate it.  Clutter, like noise, if persistent creates a state of low-level agitation that can result in an undercurrent of dis-ease.

Becoming independently healthy takes some commitment.  Change is often difficult at first, but once you start making some changes and experiencing the results it is.  It is much like adopting a prepper lifestyle, before you know it, it become second nature and makes a lot of sense.  Being a prepper, the most important tool is your knowledge, experience and mind.  But close behind that is an independently healthy body that can physically cope and withstand the stresses that may come.



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Re: Become Independently Healthy
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Great post, herbdoc... thanks!

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Re: Become Independently Healthy
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Enjoyed the post herbdc! This is my first resolution for the year. Started working on it at the end of 2009. Had done some things already in the years past and are doing more things now and will do more things in future to keep thinking this way and doing this way. Hard to do, but I intend to kick butt this year. I read a lot and there was some tips that you reminded us about. Thank you for the post!

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Re: Become Independently Healthy
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What a great post. Thanks for the insight. It certainly got me thinking.